Carb + Jetting

Dellorto DHLA

Copy of Jack Wagner's recommended  jetting 

Example- DHLA 40C, 80" Shovelhead: jetting in the above  manual close but a little lean for the intermediate (up one size), Grose  valve

SU Carbs

Copy of Manual for Rivera SU (Skinners Union)  Carb

-74" Shovelhead, .050 over, w/ J grind cam, minor  head work: Red spring, .100 jet, and BBT needle

-88" Panhead w/ 4.5" stroke, stock bore, H grind  cam: Red spring, .100 jet, and BBT needle (BBX hard for hot  starts)


Link to S&S E and G Manual  
93" shovelhead, 3 5/8 bore, 4.5" stroke, S&S  585 cam at sea level: .031 Int, .74 main


Link to  Manual

96"Shovelhead, 3 5/8 bore, 4 5/8" stroke,  headwork, big cam, at sealevel: .032 Int, .78 Main, .055 Airbleed, 100  Thunderjet



36-66 star hub  dimensions, plus custom hub  idea

Actual Tire Sizes (these are  measurements from tires that I've actually mounted and used)

48-76 Hydraglide Fork Damper

48-77 Glide damper, since I can never remember  the exact order and the manual just has a little fuzzy  picture